Saturday, 16 December 2017

Translation services in Doha, Qatar

translation services qatar
Kenza is a translation services company in Doha, Qatar. Here we provide Legal and Normal translation Services.We have experienced and qualified translators that will complete your requirement without any delay. Our professional experts translate any language into Arabic and vice versa. We have a group of the team that done your requirement with responsibility, respect, professionalism, and empowerment. We have to guarantee complete confidentiality with your documents. Our selected translators are ready to meet all your requirements without any delay. Hence Kenza is the best translation services in Qatar.
translation services qatar

Our translating Services are,
  •  Legal Documents
  •  Education Certificates
  •  Non-Education Certificates
  •  Medical Records
  • Business-related Reports

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Company Formation Qatar | Kenza Services

Company Formation Qatar | Kenza Services:

Company Formation Qatar

Company Formation Qatar is the term for the procedure of consolidation of a business in Qatar. It is likewise at times alluded to as organization enrollment. These terms are both likewise utilized while consolidating a business. Company Formation in Qatar ends up being more productive for remote theorists due to great access to insignificant exertion gifted and unskilled work open. The assembly of Qatar invites remote interests in each and every unique zone of economy giving most noteworthy assistance from their side.

Kenza Services is one of the leading company in Qatar that gives the best Company Formation in Qatar. They provide the complete assistance including all the official paper works for the formation of a company or a business in Qatar. Registration of a company in Qatar is a step by step process, we give experienced team for completing all the registration process.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Legal Translation Services in Qatar

Legal Translation Services in Qatar

Kenza Services can help your certificate attestation in Qatar carried out easily. One of the quality services of Kenza is Legal translation services Qatar. We have experienced and the dedicated team is for translation service. We can translate English to Arabic for a number of different types of services and vice versa. When we make an interpretation of English to Arabic we use a group of experienced interpreters and task facilitators. Every interpreter has practical experience in an alternate field, for example, lawful, monetary, or medicinal. We work with various Arabic interpreters to guarantee we generally have an interpreter who can expertly deal with your particular interpretation benefit needs.
Legal translation services Qatar

Our translation services are:
  • Legal Contracts
  • Medical Records
  • Education certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Resume / C V
  • Agreements
  • Financial Reports
  • Bonds

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Visa Services Qatar - Kenza Services, Doha

Visa Services in Qatar

Visa is the basic thing that you need for traveling all around the world. If you are looking for good visa services, don't wait to contact Kenza visa services Qatar. Kenza is the most trusted company in Qatar provide all government activities and visa services, company setup services, attestation etc.
visa services qatar
Kenza has best and well-qualified team to satisfy their customers and help to get the visa with an easy process. You just book the ticket, Kenza does the further procedures and release your stress of visa problem.

Kenza's strategy is extremely clear, and this has made us the most trusted movement and visa counsels the world over.

You can apply for a visa to more than 243 countries through Kenza visa service.

If you want more information, contact Kenza.

Company Setup Services in Qatar | Kenza Services

Company Setup Services in Qatar | Kenza Services

Company Setup Services - Qatar 


As Qatar is a wealthiest country, Its very much suitable for start a Company Setup Services in Qatar. Here in Qatar, We get office space with high quality and residential accommodations. We get inexpensive staff and easy recruitment procedures in Qatar. As Qatar Government is economically developed, they create an excellent business climate for business startups. Some companies that running successfully in Qatar are :
  • With Limited Liability company (WLL)
  •  Particular Partnership Company
  • Shareholding Company
  • Single Person Company 

Kenza Services

Company Setup Services

Kenza services in Qatar provides all type of attestation procedures for customers. We will help you to do each steps in the attestation procedures confidentially. For educational certificate rules provide by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) we offer all assist you to manage it. Our services are Legal Translation Services, Pro Services, Embassy Services, Company Formation, Company Setup, Visa Services, Qatar Embassy Attestation, Mofa Attestation, Indian Emigration Services etc...






Pro Services Qatar - Kenza Services

Pro Services Qatar - Kenza Services

pro services qatar

PRO services are known locally as Qatar Document Clearing Service. Most foreign immigrants are taking place because the Qatar economy is rapidly growing. Qatar continues to focus all over the world due to steady growth in all sectors of the economy. The company is very important to maintain a positive relationship with the public. Each company can benefit from the size and the industry and benefit from the use of public relations as part of their  marketing strategy. Professional service providers offer professional advice to their clients for the best professionals,supporting a company providing tax advice, accounting, IT services, or management advice.

Our Services

  • Attestation of certificates / other documents.
  • Support of all government / semi-government / private sector
  • Commercial registration is processed.
  • Annual renewal of the trade license.
  • Processing of all kinds of visas.
  • Processing resident permits.
  • Spouse, family visa assistance.
  • Women's Permits under Family Sponsorship
  • Help for medical examination.
Visit Kenza Services for more details

Monday, 20 November 2017

Company Formation in Qatar | Set up a Company in Qatar with Kenza

Company Formation in Qatar | Set up a Company in Qatar with Kenza

Company formation

Qatar Government is one of the wealthiest country in the world. Here we get a perfect environment for startup a business. In Qatar, Company formation give more benefit to foreign investors. Because here we get Labors with low cost.The Qatar government gives full support for a Company formation in Qatar. For the first time foreign investors  needs a shareholder with a Qatari partner. Both hold the equal shares of the company. 

Kenza services provide an excellent service for starting a company in Qatar. We will get all help and support that we need for the business matters

Some of the Companies in Qatar :
Partnership company
Shareholding company
Single person company
Holding company

For company registration in Qatar, Some steps to follow... Click here  

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