Friday, 12 January 2018

Qatar Embassy Birth Certificate Attestation | Birth Certificate Attestation Qatar | Mofa Attestation |

Qatar Embassy Birth Certificate Attestation | Birth Certificate Attestation Qatar | Mofa Attestation 
Verification of the birth certificate is the work legally certifying the document by authorities. When the certificates are officially certified to see the birth certificate by their official seal and signature, it become authorized. The birth certificate attestation also confirms that the specified birth certificate has been issued by the mentioned department and seal and signature on that particular birth certificate is genuine. 

Birth certification or law enforcement procedures to be completed in a birth document for its use in foreign countries like Qatar.

Birth certificate attestation can be done from the country issued. For example for a birth valid birth certificate of a person of Indian origin, it should be attested by India. In the birth certificate attestation, the first step is the notary certification. This is essentially essential for its legal validity. There are two types of notary certification. They are state certification of district notary and birth certificate. Receiving State Notary Certification then appoints for the verification of the respective Home Department.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Attestation Services Qatar Kenza Services Qatar - Attestation Service Doha Qatar

Attestation Services makes it simple and easy to prove its certificates for an individual during his migration in a negligible time frame. Attestation verification is the process of certifying documents at the required level so that another country or organization can accept it as it is genuine.

Attestation Services Qatar | Mofa Attestation | Qatar Embassy Attestation

Monday, 1 January 2018

Certificate Attestation In Qatar | Certificate Attestation Doha | KenzaServices

Certificate Attestation In Qatar | Certificate Attestation Doha | KenzaServices

As the Qatar's leading and leading document certification providers and pro service agency, Kenza services help and support our customers to have quality services. Kenza services pay attention to customer's satisfaction first. We are promised to provide 100% dedicated services at the most competitive charges. We are very proud with our deliberate services and quality assurance.

Certificate Attestation by Kenza

From this sole perspective to services, Kenza have made the top HRD, certification  Attestation & Apostille stamping company in Qatar with the largest customer base.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Certificate Attestation In Qatar | Certificate Attestation Doha | KenzaServices

Certificate Attestation In Qatar | Certificate Attestation Doha | KenzaServices

Kenza Services is the ultimate choice for any attestation services in Qatar and Doha. The well trained and experienced officials in Kenza will definitely helps in delivering excellent attestation service. We, with our equipped professional team, offers attestation services both Educational and Non Educational attestations. Under educational all types of Degree, Provisional, Diploma, Bonafide letters, Board certificates and other educational related documents are handled. The services are also extended to Non-Educational attestations like, Marriage, Birth , Death  and Experience certificates and other affidavits and documents.

Kenza Certification Attestation Qatar

Kenza also assist you in Legal documents, Power of attorney and commercial documents attestation. We perform attestation of both educational and non educational documents from countries like India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Pakistan. Our team also helps in GCC attestations services. We also excels in others services like Legal translation, Visa Permit, etc. Kenza upheld quality and assures that your documents are handled and delivered to you in a safe, secured manner. Kenza ensures the best attestation service in Qatar and Doha.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Translation services in Doha, Qatar

translation services qatar
Kenza is a translation services company in Doha, Qatar. Here we provide Legal and Normal translation Services.We have experienced and qualified translators that will complete your requirement without any delay. Our professional experts translate any language into Arabic and vice versa. We have a group of the team that done your requirement with responsibility, respect, professionalism, and empowerment. We have to guarantee complete confidentiality with your documents. Our selected translators are ready to meet all your requirements without any delay. Hence Kenza is the best translation services in Qatar.
translation services qatar

Our translating Services are,
  •  Legal Documents
  •  Education Certificates
  •  Non-Education Certificates
  •  Medical Records
  • Business-related Reports

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Company Formation Qatar | Kenza Services

Company Formation Qatar | Kenza Services:

Company Formation Qatar

Company Formation Qatar is the term for the procedure of consolidation of a business in Qatar. It is likewise at times alluded to as organization enrollment. These terms are both likewise utilized while consolidating a business. Company Formation in Qatar ends up being more productive for remote theorists due to great access to insignificant exertion gifted and unskilled work open. The assembly of Qatar invites remote interests in each and every unique zone of economy giving most noteworthy assistance from their side.

Kenza Services is one of the leading company in Qatar that gives the best Company Formation in Qatar. They provide the complete assistance including all the official paper works for the formation of a company or a business in Qatar. Registration of a company in Qatar is a step by step process, we give experienced team for completing all the registration process.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Legal Translation Services in Qatar

Legal Translation Services in Qatar

Kenza Services can help your certificate attestation in Qatar carried out easily. One of the quality services of Kenza is Legal translation services Qatar. We have experienced and the dedicated team is for translation service. We can translate English to Arabic for a number of different types of services and vice versa. When we make an interpretation of English to Arabic we use a group of experienced interpreters and task facilitators. Every interpreter has practical experience in an alternate field, for example, lawful, monetary, or medicinal. We work with various Arabic interpreters to guarantee we generally have an interpreter who can expertly deal with your particular interpretation benefit needs.
Legal translation services Qatar

Our translation services are:
  • Legal Contracts
  • Medical Records
  • Education certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Resume / C V
  • Agreements
  • Financial Reports
  • Bonds